The story of what has come to be known as Concorde.

Almost a decade ago Max, Clement and Roger started their musical journey. Between the three of them they discussed their thoughts about music’s past, present and future. Together they took up their instruments; Max took the analog drum machine, Roger and Clement their guitars, and they started jamming on the rooftop of a house. It was then they began to fuse the minimal beats with the droning noise of guitars, echoing the sounds of Suicide and Warm Jets. What happened after was a voyage into the well chartered waters of electronic coldness. Here they became surgeons of sound, working on computers to forge a warm knife to slice into the coldness.
Working with this sound for a while, they eventually reached a turning point, moving towards a lighter and warmer sound, though not losing their ability to bring stillness to a developing smile. They started to produce melodies that were more playful and not so rigid, to create a naïve theme with a layer of beats that were nonetheless still crisp with iciness. As the project started to take form, they found Louis playing in the undergrowths of the Paris music scene. Together they took flight and formed as Concorde.
Concorde started to produce songs with cleaner sounding tracks that gave light to their love affair with past artists and genres such as the Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, ESG and 70s disco. However, combining the cold roughness of their developing days with their newfound warmth, they started to achieve a more controlled voice and image. Working with Black Joy in the studio, experimenting with vintage sounds and analogue synthesizers, Concorde now started playing side by side with artists such as Julian Casablancas and Fujiya Miyagi.
With the ensemble of the drum machine and Louis, they had now made their first idea a reality; to create a sound that displays the complex naivety and playfulness present in their unique version of pop music.